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It Doesn’t Have To Be Hell To Be Healthy



About this time of year most of us will be slipping back in to old pre New Year’s resolution ways.  Missing the odd workout, becoming more relaxed with what we are eating, taking the car whenever possible instead of walking, the list goes on.  This happens year in and year out, often to the same people, whilst they get bigger and bigger and become more and unhealthier.  More often than not, the new regime was too severe, too hard to do or impractical due to lack of time or money etc.


I want to introduce you to a new concept in health and fitness, one where the focus is on seeing gradual improvements over an extended period of time, instead of an explosive short term weight loss splurge which frazzles out as quickly as it began.  The whole concept of losing weight and getting fit needs to be redefined and patience and commitment need to be the new way forward for long term success to be achieved.


Unfortunately most us see weight loss as an emergency action in response to the way we suddenly realise we look.  The truth is weight isn’t gained over night, you don’t suddenly wake up fat and in the same way you won’t suddenly wake up slim.


So what is the solution? Well instead of starting out like a bull in a china shop, find out ways that you can enjoy losing weight or getting fit gradually…focus on the long term.

Vigorous exercise is not the key to weight loss.  You don’t need to push yourself to the point of collapse each time you exercise.  You can if you want to, providing you are healthy, but it really isn’t necessary.  To begin with small changes to your activity levels will yield good results.  But this next statement is very important, please read the following a couple of times…in order for you to change your health or lose weight both exercise and diet MUST be a consistent and integral part of your life.  One without the other and you won’t succeed over the long term.  So here is the answer?


  • Become more active, walk more often.  I have seen clients who have never stepped foot inside a gym and got into good shape simply by walking more.
  • Find reasons to be more active that fit in to your everyday life.
  • Never sit down when you can move around.  Give yourself some relaxation time when you can sit down for an hour although bear in mind that if you have a sedentary job then you will have been in this position most of the day.
  • Don’t do something simply because you feel that it will help you lose weight especially if you hate it.  Find something you enjoy, active hobbies will produce jaw dropping results over the long term.
  • Small changes in your diet can have dramatic results.  Avoiding mayonnaise, not buttering bread, cutting down on alcohol, drinking more water are just a few examples of easy ways which if you are honest with yourself really won’t ruin your life by implementing.
  • Please, please, please don’t go on a diet unless you intend to stay on it forever.  They are no long term solution and destined for failure.  Studies show that 95% of people that start a diet fail to keep the weight off that they have lost. 
  • A dramatically altered way of eating isn’t the solution either.  Simply make small, healthy improvements to the way you currently eat.


So instead of falling short of achieving what you want to this year, set yourself long term objectives and then consistently and regularlychip away at them.  Don’t deny yourself all your usual dietary pleasures, just cut down a little.  Finally and most importantly get out  and exercise gently but CONSISTENTLY on a regular basis. 


To Your Health and fitness - Jago


Authors Name: Jago Holmes, New Image Fitness Limited

Telephone: 01422 836157

Email: jago@anewimage.co.uk

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