Are You a New Mom Feeling Frustrated or Even Hopeless About The Way Your Baby Belly Looks?

What if You Could Proudly Show Off Your Baby AND Your Sexy New Body at the Same Time… All While Having More Than Enough Energy to Care for Your Baby and Yourself?

You Can… 

With the Fastest, Safest System on Earth 

Specially for Losing Pregnancy Weight 

Dear New Mom… (or soon to be mom),   


Four years ago, my partner, Ruth and I had our first child – Megan. She was born with no real difficulties and was a healthy 6lbs 7oz's. Ruth didn’t experience any major problems throughout her pregnancy. 


After the birth we were overjoyed with our healthy baby, but something was terribly wrong with Ruth.


After some prying and patience, Ruth broke down and told me why she was so unhappy. 


At the end of the pregnancy Ruth had come to despise the way she looked… she told me that she felt and looked frumpy and that she couldn't stand her new baby belly… this put her in a bad mood and was straining our relationship.


Ruth had always been quite slim up to that point, but she gained quite a bit of weight through her first pregnancy. She told me she had thought that her body would simply bounce back after she had the baby. 


Now she was embarrassed of her body and did not want me around when she undressed or changed clothes. She intentionally covered herself up with baggy t shirts, the most ridiculous track suit bottoms and huge jumpers. 

Our sex life became strained and Ruth told me she had no energy and eventually stopped trying to lose weight. She seemed to accept that she was doomed to live in a flabby body.


While before we had our daughter Ruth and I had talked about having several children. 

Now she told me she did not want more kids. After all, if having just one baby had changed her shape so much, how would she look after another pregnancy?

She hated her flabby stomach and new figure and she was sure a second baby would put her in even worse shape.

Now Here is the Real Irony of this Whole Situation…

I happen to be a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer… 

A personal trainer who has worked with hundreds of new moms over the last 10 years! 


Being a personal trainer, you would think I was the perfect person to help Ruth…but think again.


Being in a long-term relationship we were too close for comfort to make a coach client connection.  We would end up frustrated with one another and even arguing. Imagine that!  


I wanted the ‘once upon a time Ruth’ that was confident and felt sexy. Even though I knew our sex life had diminished because of her poor self-image, I did experience feelings of rejection which can lead to feeling less desirable. 


But this wasn’t about me! I sincerely love Ruth and wanted her to feel good about herself again. 


So, with all my knowledge and experience as a personal trainer, I knew what Ruth needed to do to lose that weight and get back in shape in as little as 8 weeks. 


So how was I going to help her… without helping her? 

A New Baby Can Be Overwhelming… There are So

Many Things to Take Care of Besides Yourself all at a

Time When You are at Your Weakest

Every new mom finds it hard to find the time to do anything other than caring for their new baby and looking after the basics of life during the first few weeks, the thought of doing any exercise for most moms is just an impossibility


Coping with a new baby can be hard enough but coping on the bare minimum of sleep is harder still. You often end up feeling exhausted, and never get the chance to recharge your batteries or spend any time on yourself, leaving you feeling fed up, tired and depressed. 


With the constant demands of feeding, especially in the early days it can leave you struggling to find time in between feeds to do anything at all because no sooner have you finished one feed, then your baby is ready for another... or that's how it can feel.

Who Wants the Baby Jelly Belly, a Pair of Flabby Thighs
and a Saggy Bottom?

No woman I have ever known!

For many women this is the first time in their lives they've felt this misery.

Unfortunately, many will just accept their fate and live the rest of their lives in a body they are unhappy with.  

But this is not your fault….

  • Most women don't know where to start to get rid of their pregnancy weight
  • Being a new Mom is one of the most demanding jobs at a time when you are at your weakest
  • Typical exercise and weight loss programs are not designed for the post pregnancy body and the specific needs of a new mom

Many New Moms Try Diets and Exercise
That are Not Designed for the Specific Challenges
of a ‘Post Pregnancy Body’

The Female Body Undergoes Drastic Changes During Pregnancy and

There is No Other Experience in the World that is Even Close!

These moms struggle trying to diet while still needing to replenish nutrients and commonly produce breast milk. 


Exercise and diet programs designed for an ‘out of shape’ body are entirely different than those designed for a ‘post pregnancy’ body. 


So how different is a ‘post pregnancy’ body? 

I don’t want to scare any ‘Moms to be' here but… 

Did you know… 

Your body weight can increase by 30% or more or even double!  
This weight is not all fat 


Your blood volume doubles during pregnancy!

Extra blood and plasma benefit the growth and development of your fetus and can even help protect you from certain risks during birth. 


Your hip bones separate! 

And there is a separation of the pubic bone and softening of the cervix.

Your skin can change color! 

Pregnancy hormones can change the pigmentation. 


Your vagina swells and can change color! 

This is a result of the increased blood flow. 


Your feet get larger! 

Your feet can become longer and wider during pregnancy due to fluid build-up.

Don’t worry, they usually return to their normal size a few weeks after you deliver. 


Your skin expands!

While with any normal significant weight gain this is to be expected, during pregnancy your skin expands in places that would be abnormal for anyone that is not pregnant.

And your hormones have been working overtime.  Your post pregnancy body is nothing like a body that has not gone through this wonderous natural and challenging metamorphosis. 


You need a weight loss and toning system that:  

  • Is designed specifically for your post pregnancy body
  • Includes the most optimum exercise program that quickly reduces fat without causing damage.
  • Does not deplete what little energy you have left but gives you more energy

A system you can do easily on the hectic schedule of a new mom.  A program that includes meal plans and shopping lists created specifically to provide you with the nutrition you need.

I Needed to Find A Way to Lose Baby Weight That

Didn’t Require Constant Training and Motivation From

an ‘On the Spot’ Coach...

My name is Jago Holmes, CPT. 


As a personal trainer, my job is to coach new moms and teach them safe and effective ways to lose baby weight in a way that doesn't affect their caring for a new baby.

It's something I have done for years and I have learned so much during this time about what works and what does not. I wanted to help all new moms to lose baby weight and tighten their baby belly quickly, safely, and easily.

This is Much Different than Someone Who is Just Overweight

or Desires Toning


You Need a Completely Different Diet and Exercise Program to Get Your Body Back!

'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan'...

I gathered all my research and data from all the moms I have helped over the years, and created an entire program for Ruth to use, without me being there.  


After weeks of studying the data I discovered and developed a 100% guaranteed system that will help any new mom, whatever shape or size to lose baby weight quickly from the comfort of her own home. 


The Baby Belly Fat Loss System is a time saving strategy for new moms that helps firm and tone your body and regain your self-confidence through a unique way of eating, exercising and activity.


A program that is easy to fit in your new mom daily lifestyle of feeding, changing and caring for your new baby.


I learned from my client’s successes and their failures, so that you don’t have to. It's all been done for you.

Many of these clients had very little time or the motivation to do anything about their situation

Note to Breast feeding moms: 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan' – is a unique weight loss system for new moms which includes a specially designed diet suitable for breastfeeding moms that allows you to lose weight at the same time as providing the best quality milk possible for your baby.

There is No Other Post Pregnancy System in the World

Like The 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss System'
That will Get Your Body Back in Shape!

This is Much Different than Someone Who is Just Overweight or

Desires Toning

You Need a Completely Different Diet and Exercise Program to Get

Your Body Back!


I spent several years researching and testing with new moms until I found the perfect solution: the quickest way for new moms to burn away their baby fat, get the right nutrients they need, and get into great shape.


I wanted to make sure that both Ruth and my own clients were guaranteed to see results in rapid time.


There is no other program like this in the world. 

And This is So Easy!

The 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan' is easy to do, takes just a few minutes a day and shows you exactly what to do to lose baby weight and tummy fat. You tone up your whole body in the comfort of your own home, empowering you to…

  • Lose baby weight - FAST
  • Reclaim the body you once had, or even wished you had
  • Tone and flatten your baby belly in just minutes a day   


  • Firm up and tone your legs, hips and bottom
  • Tighten and repair your pelvic muscles
  • Melt away cellulite seemingly overnight   

Regain your energy: how great to wake up each day with the confidence that you will have all the energy you need to care for yourself and your baby?

Suddenly what seemed like mountain high challenges become gentle breezes and stress simply melts away.  

Here are Some of the Breakthroughs and Secrets
You are Getting in the ‘The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan

  • See why 90% of new moms never manage to lose their baby weight or get back in to shape after having children, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Discover the easy way to eat healthy foods that make you feel full and saves you time and money.

  • Discover the #1 reason why healthy moms stay in shape after they lose their baby weight and why other moms struggle for the rest of their lives.  

You are Getting a Step by Step Post Pregnancy
Eating System That includes Shopping Lists
and Daily Meal Plans

No need to worry about what you're going to eat, that is all taken care of for you, and shopping could not be easier!  

  • The shopping lists and tasty meal plans will save you time and money.

  • You'll learn some great tricks to make eating healthily quick and simple, even on your most hectic days!
  • Discover a range of quick and healthy food alternatives, that provides you with loads of energy and make you fuller for longer

This Incredible New System Shows You Exactly
How to Balance Caring for Your Beautiful New Baby

While Losing All the Pregnancy Weight
and Sending Your Energy Levels Through the Roof!

This is why ‘The Baby Belly Fat Loss System’ is unlike any other weight loss program out there… 


You’ll see results within days!

Your body is an amazing piece of machinery and with the help of the Baby Belly Fat Loss plan can recover quickly and dramatically after the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth. But you must work with your body, that's why this system is designed specifically for new moms.

Are You Ready to Get Rid of Those Baggy Jumpers

and Sweatpants to Show Off Your New Shape?

* You’ll get rid of your baby belly forever. By following a simple plan that I've designed to lose baby weight fast, losing the weight after having a baby isn’t luck anymore… it is a science! 


* You’ll get back in to the shape you were before you were pregnant or better. Despite the fact that most women never really lose their baby weight or return to good shape after having children, you’ll have in your possession all the tools you need to ‘beat the system’ and be one of the gorgeous moms others admire instead of one of the frumpy ones, others feel sorry for. 


* You will get your fitness back in rapid time, by following a simple but structured system to lose baby weight designed for new moms. Instead of spending hours doing boring cardio you will learn techniques and simple exercises that you can do in a fraction of the time. 


And you will learn the secret eating system my clients use to lose baby weight in record time. All without resorting to crash diets, dangerous pills or energy zapping milkshakes.

You will feel healthier and have loads more energy making you a better, more patient and caring mom.

You Need to Avoid the Dangers of
Most Other Diet and Exercise Programs

As mentioned, your post pregnancy body has undergone an amazing transformation for birth, and fat is often in areas that do not collect fat in most out of shape bodies that have not gone through pregnancy.

The Baby Belly Fat Loss System is designed specifically to help rid you of those fatty deposits.

Other Diets
We often see celebrity moms that lose baby weight by 'starving themselves' on some new strict fad diet.

There are also scores of diets with catchy names everywhere you turn. These diets generally do not provide all the nutrition that recovering new moms need. The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan includes the meals and menus designed specifically to help you recover from pregnancy and burn off that pregnancy fat.

The Baby Belly Fat Loss System is Not a Fad Diet..

This is a Safe and Effective Program

You Can Start Within Days of Giving Birth

That I GUARANTEE Will Work for You!

Other Exercise Programs 


Following any exercise program not specifically designed for the post pregnancy body can have damaging results. There are some exercises and activities that should not be done for at least 5 months after giving birth. 

You're going to learn which exercises to do that are both safe and effective and why doing sit ups or crunches might be the most disastrous thing you can do until your stomach has realigned… and why they can give you a rounded, domed baby belly permanently!

Most New Moms Tell Me They Do Not Have the Time

or Energy to Start Any Exercise Program

And you know what? They're right!

If this is your first child, you can be overwhelmed just taking care of your baby. Changing diapers, giving them attention, often up at night, breastfeeding or preparing formula, doing laundry, cleaning… I get tired just reading about all there is to do!

This is a 24/7 job


And if this is your second, third, fourth, or so on child?  You already had a 24/7 full time job! 


This is exactly why I chose the most effective exercises that you could do in the least amount of time right at home. Exercises along with a nutrition plan that will build your energy reserves instantly


You will not only have the energy to follow the Baby Belly Fat Loss plan… you will have the energy to meet all the demands of your 24/7 job!  

 The Reasons Why This Amazing Program

Will Work for You

Pregnancy often leaves you with extra weight, a saggy baby belly, and a weak pelvic floor. 

If you don’t act quickly these problems can lead to back issues and even affect your overall health. 


The longer you put off getting your body back the more difficult this becomes.  


The Baby Belly Fat Loss System helps you build new habits so you will…

  • Lose your baby weight by burning pregnancy fat quickly
  • Eliminate back pain
  • Flatten and firm your baby belly in just weeks   

And you'll have loads of new energy while you:

  • Learn an easy way of eating and exercising that you can continue for years
  • Recover from the birth in rapid time
  • Gain back your self confidence and love the way you look   

But the #1 reason why this system works is that the Baby Belly Fat Loss plan is designed specifically for new moms, after years of experience working with many different women from all walks of life and with many different time and family issues. I know what works. I have tested this system on hundreds of clients - The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan is proven to work. 


Imagine taking your new baby to water classes in a bikini and being the mom all the other moms are amazed by - asking “How can you look that great after having a baby?”  


You can be that mom. 


Imagine fitting in those pre pregnancy smaller sized clothes you've been pushing to the back of the closet and having a sexy swagger and your self-confidence back. 

Just to Summarize, 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan'

Gives You All This...

A ‘new mom’ weight loss system that fits easily into your baby care schedule.  


Quick exercises designed for post pregnancy that you can do at home. No leaving the house to go to the gym. No monthly membership fees. No need for hired baby care. You can’t leave your baby with just anyone at this age!


Doing just a few 'easy to do' exercises which take only minutes a day, designed to fit around feeding, changing and sleep... you won’t even break a sweat doing the simple tummy tightening exercises.


A unique, low intensity activity plan that reduce stress and anxiety  

By boosting your body’s own production of feel good hormones…you can lose baby weight and beat the baby blues head on. Really enjoy your baby...without feeling tired or irritable…having the energy to care for yourself, your baby and your family. By following this simple activity plan you'll feel great and energized every day, able to cope with the stresses that most new mothers feel. 


This isn’t just a typical workout plan 

This is an entire pregnancy recovery and fat loss package for new moms which ensures that your recovery is SAFE and complete. Generic weight loss programs just aren’t suitable for new moms, there is a specific series of exercises and techniques you simply must follow if you want to ever lose your baby weight and have a flat and toned stomach again instead of a wobbly, flabby baby belly, and this system will teach you all of these


An eating plan that helps you to ditch the maternity wear NOW instead of waiting months 

Most new moms hang on to their pregnancy clothes far too long. Once you've had your baby, you CAN lose baby weight fast. By following this unique and effective eating plan designed to shed weight quickly you'll be amazed at how fast your baby belly disappears. 


The Secret of Long-Term Weight Loss  

Avoid the cycle of weight loss and weight gain with this amazing secret. 


Step by Step formula with Complete Easy to Follow Instructions

'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan' is a complete road map to recovering and losing weight after having your baby, you don’t need to plan anything, it’s all done for you.

But Wait, There's Even More Because You'll Also

Discover How to...

Rebuild Your Self-confidence and Restore Your Sex Life!

With the baby Belly Fat Loss System almost any new mom can do start right after birth, whether a natural birth or c section. Once you begin to lose baby weight fast and your stomach starts firming up, your confidence will get a massive boost, and after 9 long months, you’ll start liking the way you look again.

Get Rid of Back Pain

One of the most common complaints new moms have is constant back pain. This system teaches you vital postural exercises which will eliminate back pain within days instead of months.

Boost Your Metabolic Rate

You will boost your metabolic rate, so you burn more calories even while resting.

But Don't Just Take My Word for It,
See the Results Other Ordinary Everyday Moms Are


Like many new moms I had to contend with a new baby, a small child, family and work to juggle in just 24 hours a day. I hated the way my new pregnancy belly looked and I was desperate to get back in to some sort of shape.

I had no idea how I could find the time or energy to do anything about it. 

I have to admit it, before I had Tamzin I was really worried. I didn't know how I would I get back in to shape afterwards, I was huge and after all, this was our second child and I was 34 years old.

I was plagued with back ache and to be honest I really didn't know how I would regain my figure. My weight spiralled and the migraines I had became an ever increasing problem, having at least one a week and I felt an overwhelming tiredness. I was depressed.

Within days of starting the program I was getting compliments of "how well I looked" and comments of "when did you have your baby?" in disbelief. Within 2 weeks I was back in to my old clothes. People who were expecting to see a wreck..were amazed at the way I looked.

I had it all under control and I felt great.

I felt incredible and have done ever since.

I thought losing my baby belly and the weight I'd gained would be such a wrench and a challenge that  I wouldn't be able to meet, instead it became something I loved and it transformed my life."

Ruth Powell
Ruth pictured above, before and after 8 weeks.

Ruth, Halifax


My name is Charlotte Dawson and I run a physiotherapy practice called ‘Back to Fitness Physiotherapy’. For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jago and his team of personal trainers at New Image Personal Training.

I have almost ten years experience as a physiotherapist and have worked in a wide variety of clinical settings before specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions (muscle pulls, back pain, tennis elbow etc). For a period of time I worked in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology and treated women both prenatally and postnatally, so seeing women after a caesarean section was a regular occurrence.

I was very interested to read Jago's book and I must say I was very impressed...

With a little mouth to feed, nappy to change, home to look after etc. women can place themselves low on their priority list and all their good intentions of doing their pelvic floor exercises and gentle tummy exercises can go out of the window. This is where I think Jago's informative book comes into its own.

As a physiotherapist, I cannot begin to state strongly enough how important your tummy muscles are in looking after your low back. If your tummy muscles are strong, they hold the lower back in a stable position and this then gives the rest of the spine a stable foundation to sit on top of. Most post natal back pain is as a result of the laxity in the ligaments around the spine and pelvis, causing poor posture. Plus a lot of what you do as a new mum involves bending forward (changing the baby, picking up the baby, breast feeding etc) and this puts a lot of strain on the low back. 

By following Jago's sensible approach to exercise outlined in this book, you will not only tone up but also protect your back and prevent further injuries." 

Charlotte Dawson MCSP SRP 
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 
Back to Fitness Physiotherapy 


Ripponden, UK

"After having two babies, both by c-section, I felt like I needed some guidance and direction to get my body back in shape, particularly my baby belly.

I’d tried various workout DVD’s and diet plans but couldn’t get into a routine with any of them and became de-motivated and gave up.

Within 6 weeks of following the plan I found that every aspect of my body shape had dramatically improved. I started to become toned and had definition throughout.

The plan was easy to fit into my daily life. The exercises focusing on my tummy were basic yet the results through regularly doing them were literally amazing and incredibly quick.

I also found the advice on diet, health and general fitness activity was extremely beneficial and helped to keep me motivated.

I’ve found the whole experience completely uplifting and it has given me the chance to fully enjoy being me again and not a Mummy with a big tummy!"

Kate, Halifax



"When I saw the program, my initial thoughts were I would never be able to find the time... and that I would not be able to stick to the diet - where would I get my energy from?

However, I felt so out of shape and not myself that I decided to give it a try. I started by writing down my measurements and a plan for when I would do the exercises each day.

After a couple of days of sticking to the plan, I found that I was in the habit of doing so and started noticing a difference after a couple of weeks.

In 8 weeks I have lost 5 inches off my waist and hips and have lost over a stone in weight.

I am now back to the size and shape I was when I got married 6 years ago!

I feel great and healthy and I have loads of energy to keep up with my 2 boys! I am so delighted that I found this program as I feel like myself again after 4 years and 2 pregnancies.

Thanks again for doing the program, it really is brilliant and loads of women will benefit from it. I am certainly telling all my friends about it!

All the best for the future

Thank you Jago."

Roisin O Conaire



"I feel really happy at this time in my life, I have the energy to play with my children, my husband loves the new healthier me.


I would advise any new mum to embrace the whole experience. Don't look upon it as something to be endured, but rather something to be enjoyed. Make sure you decide on your exercise times for the week ahead and stick to them, and if possible exercise with someone else, you’re more likely to do it if someone else is relying on you. Finally, don't beat yourself up if you have bad days. Every day is a new start, you will get to where you want to be in the end with a little determination, just enjoy the journey".


Kirsty, Alabama



"My name is Cassie Barker and I am 21 years old.


I have always been heavy for my age, I constantly tried to diet but to no avail, and only ever seemed to put weight on. I never believed that I could actually lose weight and be the shape I wanted to be.


I evidently couldn’t lose weight by myself and so I needed some help. I immediately began to feel the effects as I started to lose weight. I started to exercise every day and really began to enjoy the feeling of being in control of losing weight, it was something I never thought I would be able to do!

After 12 weeks, I have lost 24lbs, 11cm off my waist and 8 cm off my hips, which I am incredibly pleased about. I cannot believe I have managed to do it. I still want to lose more weight and hopefully get down to a size 12, however the most important thing is that I now know I can lose weight and, because my confidence and self belief is beginning to increase, that with a little extra work I will get down to where I want to be!"

Cassie, York



"After giving birth to a premature baby in June and my baby having to spend 2 months in hospital, the last thing I had been thinking about was how to lose my baby weight and claim my body back.


Take aways and snacks on the go were becoming more of a routine. Once my baby was home, it was time for me to face the truth. I didn't like looking at myself, and the prospect of buying clothes for myself filled me with dread.


I knew I needed to do something but was unsure how I was going to combine healthy eating, exercise and 2 children.

After seeing the program, I felt confident that the eating and exercise plan would help me lose weight, but also support and help my body recover from the pregnancy. 

The eating plan was very easy to follow. All meals were simple and easy to prepare, which of course is essential when you are on the go with a baby. Some meals can be prepared in advance, such as the homemade soups, which have been really tasty. Non of the foods on the plan, were expensive 'diet' products. It was just simple, but tasty healthy eating.


The exercise plan was really easy. I thoroughly enjoyed going for a walk everyday with my baby. It even gave me the confidence to re-join the gym. I also saw my fitness levels increase, which made me feel so much better about myself.


I would recommend the programme to any new mum, its realistic and more of a way of life now rather than a programme".


Emma, West Yorkshire


Emma lost 17lbs, 12cm off her stomach and 11cm off her hips in just under 8 weeks, just by following the 'Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan.'



So, Here's What I'm Going To Do For You

In order to get your post pregnancy body back 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss System' is exactly what you need.  


So, I am giving you a comprehensive activity manual, which contains essential information and an easy to follow, detailed formula of exactly how to lose baby weight fast, what to do and when to do it. 


As well as a full activity plan which will help you to shed your pregnancy weight, you will also discover…

  • Which exercises are the most effective at getting rid of your baby belly.
  • How much exercise you should be doing and when is the best time to do it.
  • How to do essential tummy tightening exercises that help to protect your back while quickly getting you back to your pre pregnancy shape.   

And you will find out:

  • How to test if your stomach is strong enough to progress on to more advanced exercises.
  • Great walking techniques that help you lose baby weight and boost your energy levels.


And much, much more such as...


The easy to follow post pregnancy diet. This exciting information is designed to help new moms lose baby weight fast. You are getting great tasting meals, easy to follow menus, shopping lists and quick snack choices in a day by day format.


The diet ensures that you are feeding your body the right types and correct amount of foods essential for producing plenty of quality milk at the same time as boosting fat loss beyond belief.


Your total recovery and rapid return to shape depends so much on the foods you eat and the choices you make.


You'll find clear and easy to follow instructions on how to follow this unique diet for new moms and essential do's and don'ts of eating after pregnancy.

And if that's not enough...


In addition to the complete Baby Belly Fat Loss System, you are also getting these superb bonuses absolutely FREE...

BONUS #1 (worth $20.00) – You are getting the 'How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor in Just Minutes a Day' download for FREE.

A complete step by step, instructional BONUS guide that takes you through essential pelvic floor techniques to quickly and safely return your pelvic floor to normal health.

These simple exercises are quick to do, take a minimum of effort, can be done anywhere and in just minutes a day.

Discover exactly which exercises you need to do, how often and when to do them so you quickly notice a difference and avoid embarrassing leakage.

Reinvent your sex life - You’ll discover and learn how to do essential pelvic floor exercises that help to speed up your recovery, that increase sensation and confidence so that when you're ready to have sex again your body is also ready and willing!

BONUS #2 (worth $12.00) – You are also getting 'Healthy Smoothies for Rapid Weight Loss' completely FREE!

Discover over 50 of the most mouth-watering smoothies ever created.

Recipes that contain some of the quickest and easy to make nutritiously balanced drinks that you can prepare in just a few minutes.

All the recipes have been selected because of their healthy balance as well for the combination of flavours and textures.

These smoothies are low in fat but also very high in taste!

BONUS #3 (worth $18.00) – And you are getting 'Healthy Soups for Healthy Living' FREE!

You'll find over 20 tasty and nutritious recipes ideal for losing baby weight. Easy and quick to prepare... exactly what you need when time is short, and you're caring for a new baby.


The recipes have been chosen for their taste but also for their nutritional value.

Most of the soups are low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. Each recipe comes with a complete nutritional breakdown. 

Look what else you are getting with The Baby Belly Fat

Loss Plan:

The New Do’s and Don’ts for the Post Pregnancy Body

How pregnancy has affected your body and what this means to your recovery, so you'll know exactly what to avoid doing and when to avoid doing it!

The Post Pregnancy Shaping Exercises

How doing some very specific simple exercises every day can radically change the shape of your baby belly virtually overnight and why not doing them might be the reason why you'll never have a flat, toned stomach again!

The Ingenious ‘Rec Check’

You'll learn the secret tool personal trainers use called the rec check which checks the condition of your tummy muscles and why you should never move on to more advanced exercises until you have passed this important test.

A range of fabulous recipes to help you lose baby weight which are easy and quick to prepare, tasty and very nutritious, leaving you feeling fuller for longer, avoiding snacking on sweets, biscuits or crisps.

Special Tips for Breast Feeding Moms

The biggest problem with some types of exercises and why doing them can have a serious effect on the quality of your milk and the health of your baby

How Much is 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan'?

Hiring a personal trainer that could help you do what ‘The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan’ 

can do for you could cost you several thousand dollars


Look… How much is getting your body back and feeling sexy and self-confident worth to you?  How much would you pay to have all the energy you need to take care of your baby and yourself and then some?  


I want to make this as affordable as possible so every new Mom can have this wonderful safe experience that you cannot get anywhere else. 


So right now, you can get the ‘Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan’ and lose that pregnancy weight while getting in shape and healthy for the low, low price of only $39.99 and that includes all $50 worth of bonuses.  

After Giving Birth You Have a Small Optimum

Window of Time to Get Your Body Back…

The Longer You Wait the More Difficult This Can Get

Your body can become physiologically accustomed to the extra weight. In addition, the longer you wait to get back in shape, the higher the chance you can develop back pain, hip, knee or foot problems and other health issues associated with being overweight. So please do this now!  

You have nothing to lose but belly fat! I really want you to be over the moon ecstatic with 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan', so let me remove any doubt from your mind..

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