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‘The Secrets of Long Term Weight Loss Revealed’

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Hi there

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jago Holmes and I am the principal trainer here at New Image Personal Training in Halifax. I own and manage Calderdales largest independently owned personal training company. We work with over 200 clients each week in our exclusive 1 to 1 studios.


Over the next few weeks I will be visiting workplaces in and around Halifax to present my NEW weight loss seminars “The Secrets of Long Term Weight Loss Revealed”.


Sickness and ill health already cost employers thousands of pounds every year, not to mention the headaches of moving work around and covering work tasks.


2 Obese women sitting down

But there is now a silent predator waiting to pounce on our workforces, ready to bleed companies and tax payers of millions and millions of pounds. 


This growing problem is obesity, it just will not go away. 


By 2010 studies have shown that a third of all adults and a fifth of all children will be obese, add to this the associated health problems such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes and you can clearly see that it is going to have a massive effect on our workforce.


The key to tackling this problem is obviously by individuals taking action, no one can do it for them.  Unfortunately there are so many mixed messages out there and so many quick fix solutions that don’t deliver as promised and actually make the problem much, much worse.  But in order to get the right message accross we must educate.


Education is the key, and to do this we have to deliver the correct information without bias and in as simple and uncomplicated ways as we can.


What Your Staff Will discover

  • Why planning is essential to your long term weight loss
  • Why low fat foods have a hidden problem
  • Why dieting always ends up making you fat
  • Why certain supplements may be the solution you have been looking for
  • Why some types of exercise are a waste of time
  • How to lose weight, tone up and maintain a great shape and body weight

You will find out this and much more


Rarely in life do things come along which propose to be FREE that have absolutely no catches at all, in any way.  Usually there is a hidden agenda a hidden punch.  Well I am being up front with you, my offer is just that.


The seminars last between 20 – 30 minutes, are held at lunchtimes and are completely FREE to you.  Actually they are completely FREE to all your staff, there IS NO CATCH.

These seminars are aimed at educating YOUR workforce so that they will be fitter, more focused, in effect more productive, happier and healthier but perhaps more importantly to us as employers is – they will spend much less time off work sick.

Not only this but YOU will be perceived as providing FREE extras for your staff, giving them something for nothing, they won't know that you haven’t paid me a penny.

   YOUwill be perceived as caring about their health and welfare which will raise their respect of you still further.

   YOU will be setting an example to your staff.  As every good leader knows that you should lead by example.

   YOU will be indirectly promoting exercise.  Because this is being promoted at your workplace there is a very good chance that they may form their own workplace exercsie groups therefore assisting team building and shared interests.

   YOU will be indirectly encouraging your staff to eat well thereby improving their effectiveness and productivity.  A healthy brain needs healthy fuel.

I will come in to your workplace, provide all the equipment I need, provide the handouts and information for your staff…all for FREE and I want absolutely nothing from you at all, you will pay me NOTHING.  Your staff will pay me nothing.

So what what’s in it for me?

OK why on earth am I willing to spend my time educating your staff about the secrets and benefits of long term weight loss when I get nothing out of it? 

Well I am not a saint, I do get something out of this arrangement...

Firstly, even though I am the areas most successful personal trainer, with a company that works with over 200 clients each and every week from our studios in Warley, Hipperholme and Ripponden, not everybody knows about us, I want to spread the word. 

Secondly I will be asking your staff for their contact details so that I can send them my monthly newsletters and emails ( all for FREE ) which contain offers for FREE training, special discounted rates and special offers as well as the latest weight loss and training advice.  They will only give me their details if they want to, this will be totally optional.  Some of them may even want to use our services, but I WON’T BE SELLING to your staff.  

All I ask from you is that you gather enough interest so that a minimum of 5 people can sit down together for 20 - 30 minutes one lunchtime to listen to my motivational and enlightening seminar ‘The Secrets of Long Term Weight Loss Revealed’.  I will provide everything else I need.

I hope that this may of interest to you, I must emphasise this is totally FREE, you don’t need to do any organising…NOTHING. 

Simply make contact and we will arrange everything else. I can be contacted by any of the following methods:

Telephone: 01422 836157

Mobile: 07890 049379

email: jago@anewimage.co.uk


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