Pregnancy and Exercise

If you want to stay fit and take part in exercise during and after your pregnancy there are a number of considerations for you to think about. 

Throughout pregnancy and child birth your body changes in all manner of ways and whilst your body is primed to recover quickly, you may need to be careful with the kinds of things you do, both during pregnancy and just as importantly after you’ve had your baby. Pregnancy and exercise can go hand in hand, if you're careful and take your time.

But rush in too soon and you can seriously injure yourself and your baby.

It's all about timing, doing the right things at the right time. Here are the critical time zones for you...

Pre Pregnancy

It is true, that the fitter and stronger you are, the quicker you will recover from the birth


During pregnancy you need to be careful what you do and your aim should be to maintain

Post Pregnancy

Here is a golden opportunity for you to work with your body to get in to the best shape of your life

Below are the most important articles I've published about pregnancy and exercise to help you find the best advice for you no matter what stage of parenthood you're at right now. Here you'll find the most advanced, informative and up to date tips and advice you need to make the best decisions possible...

breastfeeding mom before exercise

In this article we’ll look at how breastfeeding and exercise can work together to make you, fitter, stronger, recover faster and improve the health of you and your baby.

Eating healthy food and taking care of yourself is a good way to protect yourself against stretch marks

Here we discuss the importance of a healthy postpartum diet for boosting your recovery, helping you lose weight  and providing enough milk for your baby.

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Pregnancy And Exercise: Why Being Active Is So Important Before, During And After Pregnancy...

Just remember that every mother has been through the same process you’re going through and most moms did get back to work, to their careers, went back to doing sports or the activities that they loved before they were pregnant and many got back back in to great shape. Not because they felt they had to but because they wanted to!

From the visible physical benefits of lowering body fat levels and improving the health of your heart and lungs to the psychological effects of getting out and taking some ‘me’ time, neither of which should be underestimated during or after pregnancy, exercise is a really important consideration and should ideally be something that you try to fit in to your life, before, during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy you should aim to simply maintain your fitness levels, not push for improvements. You’ll find that many things you could do before become almost impossible because of your changing size and shape, so this should act as a brake for your ambitions.

Afterwards, however is the best time to make the most of the golden opportunity to get in to really good shape. 

Initially don’t even think about getting fit. Allow this happen gradually as your body recovers and you begin to feel stronger after the birth.

Instead concentrate on getting to grips with your new life - it will feel strange at first, you’ll possibly have many emotions, some good and some bad, and that’s fine… its a big change.

If you’re determined to get back in got your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes that’s fine. It’s natural to want to look as good as you can.

If that is you, don’t feel guilty about it. When you’re ready to start exercising again, just go for it, but start very gently to begin with. If you are post pregnancy and exercise is something you want to do, then plan carefully and it will work.

There are many reasons why you should do some kind of physical activity after having a baby. 

Getting some ‘me’ time is a really part of being a great mom and you mustn’t feel guilty about it.

As a new mom, the benefits of taking part in moderate exercise are vast, from boosting energy levels and stress relief, to weight loss and feeling good about yourself after the massive physical changes of pregnancy and giving birth.

However, be warned, the production of the hormone “Relaxin” which so important during pregnancy because it allowed your body to stretch and bend to accommodate the growing baby means that your joints are still not as tight and supportive as usual which puts you at a greater risk of pulling muscles, tendons and ligaments when you take part in exercise.

Finding time to be active will probably be one of the most challenging parts of your recovery.

Getting help from others to take your baby for a short time can be useful. But don’t forget at this stage, short walks and a home workout or post pregnancy DVD are great and will definitely get you on the path to recovery. These can all be done alongside your baby at any time.

Studies show, that contrary to what many people believe, doing moderately easy exercise may actually increase breast milk production, so breastfeeding and exercise really can complement each other.

When you’re eating a well balanced diet alongside regular activity, breastfeeding and exercise can go hand in hand with each other, to the benefit of both mom and baby.

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