Smoking and Pregnancy – 7 Serious Risks

Another vital step you must take if you intend to get pregnant or are already pregnant is to stop smoking. Being pregnant could be one of THE best reasons for quitting you’ll ever have and once you stop you might never ever smoke again. Cigarettes and nicotine pose a very serious threat to your unborn baby […]

Stretch Marks – Discover The Truth

What Are Stretch Marks? Stretch marks form over the skin when stretched beyond its ability.  The collagen deposits located deep in the tissues break apart and tear before healing. This results in the scar tissue you see as stretch marks.  At first, stretch marks look like a reddish-purple streak in the skin, ranging in length […]

Top 5 Tips For Dealing With Postpartum Back Pain

Unfortunately if you’re a new mom, it’s quite likely you’ll suffer from lower back pain during or after pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy with the growing weight and size of your baby, the body changes in a number of dramatic ways. To offset your baby bump, the spine has to curve more to provide you with support […]