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With My Revolutionary NEW Fat Loss System Which Will Give You A Firmer, Younger Looking Figure - GUARANTEED! 

This isn’t about some shady weight loss pill or potion that’s damaging to your health or just another fitness craze that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

What you’re going to discover right now is a virtually unknown twist on a time tested and proven technique that REALLY WORKS!

I’ve taken a simple concept and made some very clever changes so that it’s now like 'fat burning on rocket fuel.'

 This Simple Secret Could Hold The Key To You Getting In the Best Shape Of Your Life!

Not only that, but...

  • It’s a way to flatten your stomach without sit ups
  • To firm your thighs without having to live at the gym
  • To trim the fat from your butt without spending hours with a personal trainer

You can do it anywhere

  • And if done properly it’s probably the most effective way of burning fat there is!
  • It doesn’t place excessive stress on your joints or muscles
  • And probably most importantly, you don’t need any skills or talents to do it... it’s easy

But above all that... it won't cost you anything to do!

Although I Can’t Claim To Have Invented This, I Have Modified And Supercharged It To Dramatically Speed Up The Results You Can Expect To See

In fact it’s actually something that many of the most beautiful and sexiest celebrities in the world do too...

Stars such as Anna Friel, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Imbruglia, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Nicole Kidman to name but a few, have all been spotted and captured on camera doing this.

Do you think that some of the richest and most successful women in the world would spend their time doing something that didn’t get them noticeable results?

What if I told you that this new technique meant you could dramatically improve the way you look without ever having to set foot in a smelly gym or sweaty fitness class ever again...

That it’s a way to lose weight naturally and permanently

Plus it's something that almost everyone can do!

Would You Be Interested?

If you said ‘YES’ just now, then go grab a coffee, dim the lights and make yourself comfortable because I’m about to explain exactly why my new system could be the weight loss solution you’ve been searching for your whole life...

You’ll Discover Something That’s Quick And Easy That Can Make You Feel 20 Years Younger And Live 20 Years Longer!

(Well actually maybe not 20 years longer) but it HAS been scientifically proven beyond doubt to extend your life and improve your health.

It's something I’ve developed for my own one to one clients who hated the gym but desperately want to have a figure to die for.

It’s something that I stumbled upon almost by accident, when a winner of one of my weight loss challenges told me about the secret of her success.

I didn’t believe her at first, but when she explained it all to me it made so much sense.

If it could work for her - a time pressed, busy, stressed single mom, then I’m 100% sure it will work for you too!

And if you read every word of this short report, I’ll explain to you exactly why and how it does work.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Jago Holmes and I’m a personal trainer based in the UK.

I’ve been a personal trainer and fitness expert for over 20 years now and it’s a job that I feel so lucky to be able to do each day.

As a result of working with so many clients over the years, I’ve been able to test and trial just about everything to do with weight loss.

One of the main things that I've discovered is that for anything to be successful it has to be done consistently over a period of time.

More of a lifestyle change

Most things are effective if done this way, but the problem is that a lot of people don't really enjoy any form of exercise such as gym workouts, running or swimming etc.

Yes, they'll do it if they've got a trainer standing by their side pushing and encouraging them along, but that's not always practical.

I Needed to Find A Way to Lose Weight That

Didn’t Require Constant Training and Motivation From

an ‘On the Spot’ Coach So My Clients Could Get Even Better Results

So that’s exactly what I did...

I created ‘Walking For weight Loss – The 6 Week Fat Elimination Plan.’

I tested and tweaked it over 12 months, so that it became the most effective walking program possible and then used it time and time again with my own one to one clients to verify my findings.

The results were amazing...

Many clients never set foot inside a gym, yet their results were amazing

Also they began to notice dramatic differences in not only the way they felt but far more importantly... how they looked!


'Walking For Weight Loss' 

Well remember I said that I'd designed this for my own clients, most of whom tend to be busy professionals without very much spare time on their hands...

...or very much interest in exercising.

I knew I needed to create something that they could use that fitted easily in to their hectic lives.

It needed to be something that they could go away and do on their own without risking injury or getting bored or without me needing to be there all the time.


So I developed a fat loss system based around what I (and many other Hollywood stars too) consider to be the perfect exercise...

But Walking With A BIG Difference

If I could say what ‘Walking For Weight Loss’ is all about in just a few words, I’d say...

It’s perhaps THE most effective alternative to using a gym or any other type of exercise that there is available on the market today... That Actually WORKS!

It isn't sexy, glamorous or a crazy new fad...

Over the next few minutes I’ll explain to you EXACTLY why my version is so effective but still so underused by everyone except those who are in ‘the know’

My own revolutionary program uses an unusual and extremely effective twist to use walking to burn off your fat stores.

I’ve taken techniques from other activities that are great fat burners such as running and cycling to supercharge the results you can expect to see, but with much less effort!

But Isn’t Walking A Waste Of Time?

Don't You Have To Do Hours Of It To See Any Difference?

Don’t get me wrong simply doing more walking is a great way to get fitter and burn a few more calories, but if you’ve ever tried it before and never seen the results you were hoping for then the reason is quite simple...

...You just weren’t doing it right.

  • Did you know that there are different styles of walking which will help you burn off more calories far quicker than simply strolling along and...
  • Did you know that by using certain techniques you can turbo charge your metabolic rate so you permanently burn more fat and...
  • Did you know that using some virtually unheard of walking tricks you can boost your fitness levels WAY beyond what any normal walking can ever do!

And yes it does work!

It’s A Lie That To Get In To Great Shape And Lose Weight, You’ve Got To Push Yourself Until You Drop

Let me explain it this way...

Every time we move, we burn calories that we've got stored on our body.

These calories are our fuel, very much like petrol is to a car - Go on a journey in your car and you’ll use some fuel...

Well our body is exactly like this too!

So EVERY type of activity we take part in will actually help us to burn calories/fuel.

The problem with most types of exercise is they can feel so damn hard work that people just aren’t able to do enough!

And here’s another really interesting point that you probably didn’t realise and it certainly won’t have been explained properly to you by your local fitness instructor.

The type of fuel your body uses when it moves depends on how hard that exercise is.

You see, we can either use carbohydrates which are stored as Glycogen in the muscles or fat which we store in fat cells over our whole body.

The amount of each you burn varies depending on what sort of activity you're doing.

But the ratio of how much of each of them we use can actually be decided on by you.

Yes That’s Absolutely Right. YOU Can Absolutely Decide Which Fuel Source You Use -  The Energy Stored In Your Muscles OR The Body Fat You’ve Got Clinging To Your Hips, Butt And Thighs!

And It’s Actually Very Easy...

It’s all down to the amount of effort you put in.

Doing really high intensity exercise where you literally crawl out of the gym on your hands and knees will burn off a far higher amount of carbohydrates than fat.

This is NOT what we want - we want to burn off FAT!

Walking on the other hand WILL burn off a greater percentage of body fat.

WHY Is This?

You see when you exercise at a lower level of effort your body relies mainly on its fat stores for the source of energy.

So this way you’re burning through the fat you've got stored on your body, not the carbs stored in your muscles.

Doesn't this seem to go against conventional wisdom, especially when you’ve been told time and time again that to lose weight, you've got to work hard?...

That you can’t have a firm, toned body unless you push yourself to the limit.

This is A Myth - 

The ONLY Reason You Believe This Is Because You’ve Been Given

The Wrong Information...

If adverts promote it and everyone believes it, YOU’VE GOT YOURSELF A MYTH!

And it’s for this reason that I’m breaking rank and telling you as it is.

I’ve had enough of trying to explain to my clients WHY the traditional model of losing weight just doesn’t work.

It’s too difficult to do and won’t give you results that last a lifetime...

So Now I’m Turning My Back On The Fitness Industry And I’m Going To Expose Some Of The Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Exercise And Weight Loss

Because it just isn’t fair, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO...

Losing weight doesn’t need to feel like a punishment.

You don’t have to suffer hardship by dieting or forcing yourself through gruelling workouts…

I’m very sorry.

On behalf of the entire fitness industry...

But you’ve got it wrong...

You really don’t need to keep going ‘till you drop.

There’s a very major flaw in the theory that going to the gym, attending fitness classes, boot camps or running will give you the body that you want.

And that’s quite simply this...

There Are Only So Many Fat Calories You Can Burn At Any Given Time, So Spend An Hour Once Or Twice A Week Flogging Your Guts And You’ll Only Lose A Certain Amount Of Fat

Lets’ say you did a really gruelling aerobics class twice a week, you’d burn off around 1,000 calories (500 for each class).

Not bad, BUT let’s imagine that’s actually ALL you did each week... then it’s not so good.

Now compare this to walking moderately for 30 minutes each day, say along some beautiful country lanes or through parks or along river banks or around stunning lakes, enjoying the views and the slower more relaxed pace of life.

How many calories do you think you’d burn off now?

I’ll tell you it’s around 1400 – 1500 calories!

That’s actually MORE than the 2 gruelling aerobics classes put together!

The truth is if you slightly increased either the time you walked for each day or the speed you walked at, you could easily double the calories you'd burn off.

And You Wouldn’t Need To Put Yourself Through Muscle Aching Pain And Draining Fatigue To Get Even Better Results!

One of the great things about walking is that it’s very easy to do - No co-ordination, special skills or expertise needed!

The problem is that we don’t do enough of it and we don’t do it regularly enough.

Just 20 – 30 minutes walking a day following one of my unique fat elimination plans is enough to burn over 52lbs in a year, with little or only a very slight change to your current lifestyle.

That’s right you could start losing weight, living the life you love, without spending hours at the gym or starving yourself of all the things you enjoy.

Walking works because it burns calories.

But even better than that, you'll burn off much more fat for your efforts!

You’ll Actually Save Time AND Money By Following My Walking Program

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest reasons why most people don’t exercise is because they don’t have the time.

It takes a real commitment to go through town to the gym, get changed, push yourself for an hour, have a shower, get changed again and then make it back home…

Your evening is virtually over by the time you're done.

You could do your training in the morning by getting up a little earlier, but that can sometimes be so stressful and rushed before work, that it becomes something you HAVE to do instead of something you really want to do.

So for many, the gym just isn't an option.

What you need is something that you can fit in and around your daily life.

Something you can do without having to think about it.

Something you can do in small chunks.

And when you choose walking, as soon as you leave your front door, your walking workout has begun.

In the 20 minutes you’ve spent driving to the gym and getting changed so you can work out, you’ve almost finished your walk and you’re on the way back home 😀

But Walking Isn't Only Great To Lose Weight,

You'll Start To See Other Changes Too...

Perhaps one of the most underestimated benefits of walking is not the way you look but how it makes you feel…

Regular exercise is well documented for giving you tons more energy, despite what you might think.

There’s a number of reasons why...

Firstly you’re moving your body and the more you move, the more endorphins your body will produce. Endorphins are your body's own version of a feel good drug and the ‘buzz’ you experience when these hormones are racing through your veins is amazing.

This means the more you walk - the better you'll feel!

Secondly whenever you exercise you’re strengthening and tightening your muscles. These toned, more effective muscles help you to burn off even more calories and shed more pounds, making you look slimmer and more toned.

Thirdly your heart and lungs become stronger and more efficient. It takes less effort to carry out normal everyday tasks - so life feels easier.

When You Commit To Following My New Walking Weight Loss Plan, You'll Open Up A Whole New World Of Possibilities...


You’re calling the shots...

You're deciding which way you go in life instead of just accepting the way you are right now.

By taking control this way you’re far more likely to make better food choices and when you eat well, you'll also feel so much better and have much more energy.

Many people don’t just use walking for weight loss, they use it to unwind after a hard day’s work or to get away from a stressful situation and recharge their batteries.

Getting out of work or away from the family for a few minutes a day often gives you a chance to think things through and come up with solutions to problems you might be having.

So not only will you lose weight when you’re out walking but you’ll also increase your energy levels, reduce the stress in your life, see beautiful and different places and you’ll also feel great about yourself.

If you’re happy with the way you are at the moment, that’s great, you don’t need my help...

But If You Want To Change The Way You Look And Feel Then 'Walking For Weight Loss' Could Very Well Be The Answer For You

And This is So Easy!

The 'Walking For Weight Loss' program is simple to do, takes just a few minutes a day and shows you exactly what to do to in order to lose weight and tummy fat.

You'll tone up your whole body in minutes a day, empowering you to…

  • Lose weight - FAST
  • Reclaim the body you once had, or always wished you had
  • Tone and flatten your belly in just minutes a day   


  • Firm up and tone your legs, hips and butt
  • Boost your mental health and flood your body with feel god hormones
  • Melt away cellulite seemingly overnight   

Regain your energy: how great to wake up each morning with the confidence that you'll have all the energy you need to enjoy every day to the fullest.

Here are Some of the Breakthroughs and Secrets
You are Getting in 'Walking For Weight Loss'

  • A clever way of changing the way you eat so you can lose weight without having to change your whole life (page 20)
  • Some great tips for choosing foods when eating out, so a busy social life doesn’t mean you can’t have the body you want (page 22)
  • Exact step by step instructions of exactly how to use the 4 very different levels of walking to boost energy levels and blast your fat stores. (pages 32 - 36)
  • The guide contains over 33 images showing you exactly how to use all the techniques I recommend.

This 6 Week Fat Elimination Plan is unique because it’s a totally new approach to losing weight and toning all your problems areas.

Not Only That But You’ll Also Learn...

  • How to do essential stretches so you avoid feeling stiff and achy in the mornings and some clever movements that will help you to stand taller and reduce your chances of suffering from back pain (pages 38 - 42)
  • One clever trick that can help you to burn off nearly 50% more fat whilst making you more toned and fitter at the same time (page 52)
  • What things you should take with you on your walks to stay safe, warm and dry, (pages 45 - 47)

Whatever shape, size or level of fitness you are now, I guarantee my program contains a walking schedule that YOU can start using today to begin sculpting and shaping the new body you've always wanted!

  • Why this one inexpensive piece of equipment is essential to help you get more out of every walk. (page 44)
  • How you can use a treadmill at home or the gym if you’d prefer not to do your walks outside. (page 57)
  • 5 completely different 'easy to follow' walking schedules to choose from. There's one to suit every fitness level, from the very unfit to the super fit. (pages 61 - 70)
  • Over 72 pages of insider knowledge, your own ‘over the shoulder’ look in to the unique weight loss tips and tricks used by some of the top personal trainers in the world.

Don’t just think about this, if you’re not totally happy with the way you look right now, then you need to take action...

But Wait, There's Even More Because You'll Also

Discover How to...

Rebuild Your Self-confidence and Boost Your Sex Appeal!

Once you begin to lose weight and your stomach, legs and butt starts firming up, your confidence will get a massive boost, you’ll quickly start liking the way you look again.

Rediscover Your Get Up and Go

One of the most common complaints anyone who doesn't do much exercise or needs to lose a few pounds is a lack of "drive' or motivation to do anyone other than get through each day. But taking action and following this walking plan will give you all the motivation you need

Boost Your Metabolic Rate

You will boost your metabolic rate, so you burn more calories even while resting.

But Don't Just Take My Word for It,
See the Results Other Ordinary Everyday Women Are


Want To Read Over and Over Again...
"Once I started reading the book I was immediately impressed with the content, layout, practical advise and the easy reference guides kept my interest throughout.
Now whenever I walk I am always thinking about the examples given in the book and feel very motivated to do more.
This is a book that you’ll want to read over and over again!"

Andrea Ellison - UK



Revolutionised The Way I Approach Losing Weight...
"This guide has revolutionised the way I approach losing weight now. No more yo-yo dieting or trips to the gym where I'm left feeling embarrassed and deflated.
The techniques I've learned have helped me visualise where I want to be, plan step by step how I will get there and the easy to follow schedules mean I can work walking into my life so it's an enjoyable experience not a chore.
I've noticed my fitness levels increasing after just a few weeks and I'm already closer to fitting into the dress I've been determined I will wear again!"

Amy - Halifax,UK



It's Changed My Life...
"As a mother of FIVE young boys, free time is not something that I get to enjoy very often, and when I do, I usually sleep, watch TV or eat food that I did not have to cook! I ordered Jago's walking program after reading a review by a lady who claimed that it improved her energy levels.
If you want babies - trust me - you don't want 5 boys! I simply don't have the energy for it!

My diet of coffee and sugar has had some adverse effects and leaves me exhausted in the long run. I tried some herbal remedies but the pills and potions did nothing for me.
The idea of doing exercise to have more energy was something I knew about but finding time to workout is hard for a single mum with five lads! I wanted something to read on my kindle (eBook reader) so I thought Jago’s stuff might be interesting.
Actually, it's changed my life. Jago demonstrated that walking was already a part of my daily life and if approached correctly then these walks could become truly powerful workouts.
It's true; I walk 2 of my sons to school and then walk home myself, I walk to the shops to get their dinner and I walk to work... walking is everywhere if you stop and look! The difference that Jago’s program made to my life was he taught me how anyone can convert that leisurely stroll or stressful commute into a proactive weight loss walk.
The fact is that when done correctly walking became rejuvenating and inspired me to do more exercise. I regularly get comments like "YOU’RE LOOKING WELL' when I get to work! This never used to happen before I did this!
Walking For Weight Loss is not a miracle cure to all the difficulties in my life but it really has made my life easier!"

Luiz Mendosa - USA



Exercise Can Actually Be Fun!...
"The last 4 years of my life have been very difficult since losing my husband.
He was the backbone to my life and I have been lost without him.
Being someone who puts on weight very easily I have to be careful what I eat and also do regular exercise. I don't like exercise but for me it is essential to look and stay healthy.

After Peter died I did not have the will power I needed to do this and my comfort eating grew out of my control. I also stopped exercising. It wasn't until a routine check-up at my doctors when she told me I was officially obese and that’s when the penny dropped. Obesity can kill...

It was the reason for my breathing problems and much of my depression. It was a vicious circle that needed resolving. When you are overweight it is difficult to start exercising for a number of reasons. Social stigma and pain are the two that come to my mind. I know how funny I look jogging through the park in my sportswear!
But you have to take your health seriously so I began looking for some information about weight loss and subscribed to a few fitness blogs but unfortunately none of them were very helpful.
After finding Jago’s training and downloading his eBook I discovered that exercise can actually be fun! Yes, I said fun! And losing weight can be enjoyable too! If you have ever wanted to lose some weight yourself then the idea that it can be fun to do is a revelation!
With Jago’s ‘Walking For Weight Loss’ I began my walking program and within 2 weeks I lost a few pounds. Since then I have been able to maintain a safe weight and this has also increased my awareness, confidence and improved my attitude.
Of course I still miss my husband and I'm sure I always will but at least now I know he would be extremely proud of my achievements. I could never have done this without Jago's helpful support and training."

Jane Williams - USA



The Health Benefits Have Been Amazing...
"I have used Walking For Weight Loss every week since I invested in Jago's training.
I have lost weight yes but what I really wanted was to achieve an improvement in the back of my arms which since getting older seem to swing in the wind. This walking program helped me to do this without ever picking up any weights or breaking a sweat.

I am lucky enough to live in the countryside so if there is one health and fitness activity that is made for country living it's walking!

The health benefits have been amazing.

Walking reduces my stress when I have had a difficult day at work and it actually makes me a bigger part of the community because people see me walking.
I don't think you need any special skills and you don't have to live in the countryside to see the improvements that I have seen by using Jago's methods regularly. All you really need is a bit of self-respect and a simple desire to be happy...
If you follow Jago’s walking program with these positive attitudes then I can virtually guarantee that any excess weight you have will quickly drop off. Jago’s systems work!" 

Margaret Day - New England



It Would Appeal To Anyone...

"Walking For Fitness is a gem of a book which describes in readable and interesting detail all the benefits of walking, for weight loss, fitness and overall well-being. It would appeal to anyone who feels daunted by all the diet and fitness books available today.

In clear language and with excellent bite-size information and illustrations, all clearly headed, you can dip in to whichever aspect of walking you feel interested in. It is a mine of useful information on all aspects of walking for weight loss -

From warm up exercises and footwear, to safety for women walkers.

It spreads the word about the benefits of walking in a such a relaxed style that even someone who feared they were too unfit to begin with, would be tempted to try the program set out in Jago’s eBook.

Even those who thought they knew everything there was to know about walking to get fit would be surprised how much they could learn from this compact and encouraging guide."

Wendy Barr - Orkney



I Was Able To Revolutionize My Approach To Walking...

"As a young at heart lady in my fifties some regular but light exercise is basically essential for me and walking has always been a recommendation that's been passed around between my friends that I respect. 


Jago's book has given me the knowledge and skills to take a light walk to the next level and use it to increase my energy levels, maintain my weight and even meet new people! 

I needed to turn my walks into powerful energy boosting workouts without the pain and muscle fatigue you would expect from many traditional weight loss regimes and Walking For Weight Loss does exactly that. A no pain no gain mantra is considerably old fashioned when you understand the methods that Jago is sharing with regular people like us. 


Walking has now become my social activity of choice. I even go on walking holidays! Using these nuggets of information that Jago has been generous enough to provide to me I was able to revolutionize my approach to walking and change my lifestyle from one of pure repetition into one of adventure. 


Walking For Weight Loss does everything a person interested in weight loss could want and so much more. Get a new lease on your life read it fast!"

Jackie Bartholomew



So, Here's What I'm Going To Do For You

In order to get your body back 'Walking For Weight Loss' is exactly what you need.  


So, I am giving you a comprehensive walking fat loss plan, which contains essential information and an easy to follow, detailed formula of exactly how to use walking to lose weight fast, what to do and when to do it. 

And if that's not enough...


In addition to the complete Walking For Weight Loss System, you're also getting these superb bonuses absolutely FREE...

BONUS #1 (worth $12.00) – You are also getting 'Healthy Smoothies for Rapid Weight Loss' completely FREE!

Discover over 50 of the most mouth-watering smoothies ever created.

Recipes that contain some of the quickest and easy to make nutritiously balanced drinks that you can prepare in just a few minutes.

All the recipes have been selected because of their healthy balance as well as for the combination of flavours and textures.

These smoothies are low in fat but also very high in taste!

BONUS #2 (worth $18.00) – And you are getting 'Healthy Soups for Healthy Living' FREE!

You'll find over 20 tasty and nutritious recipes ideal for making quick, tasty meals. Easy and quick to prepare... exactly what you need when time is short, but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen.


The recipes have been chosen for their taste but also for their nutritional value.

Most of the soups are low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. Each recipe comes with a complete nutritional breakdown. 

BONUS #3 (worth $17.99) - order now and you'll also receive this eBook completely FREE – Healthy Salads For Healthy Living

You'll find some really unusual and tasty salads which can be used as meals in their own right or eaten alongside other foods as accompaniments.
Never again will you have to serve up limp lettuce leaves, soggy cucumber or boring tomato slices. Once you try some of these fantastic salads you'll realise that there is much more to a salad than simply filling up a space on your plate.
There are 17 mouthwatering recipes that draw inspiration from all over the world along with some useful hints and tips for how to get the best out of any salad by using some of the healthy and tasty dressings you'll find inside.

The Benefits Of Walking For Weight Loss

Are Far More Than Simply Losing Weight…

What Walking For Weight Loss gives you is a plan, a direction - A daily task to complete to not only make you slimmer and fitter but perhaps more important than anything else… Healthier

Yes, you’ll lose weight and that’s a really good reason to do this plan. But the other benefits of regular walking I think are even more exciting - Better posture, less aches and pains, more ‘get up and go’ to name only a few

Perhaps my favourite benefit of walking which almost everyone who has followed the plan has told me of is feeling ‘HAPPIER’

And there’s a number of reasons for this…

  1. Your brain produces seratonin - Your body’s feel good drug in response to exercise.
  2. You’re looking better, more toned and feeling confident
  3. You have a natural urge to be more active and get more done every day
  4. You’re taking back control of your body and giving yourself a wonderful future

So If You Follow my unique NEW walking program you’ll not only look and feel great, but you’ll also be healthier AND happier.

Honestly, what price can you put on your health?

As one of my 63 year old clients tells me every week - ‘Your Health IS Your Wealth

And its true, without your health you have nothing!

How Much Is Your Health And Happiness Worth To You -

What Would You Be Willing To Pay For My Walking Program?

Well, for an hour of one to one training at your home I’d charge you $60.00.

So if I was able to train you personally for every session in this plan over the next 6 weeks, you’d have to spend at least $2,160.00 to do so.

But I’ve made it easier than that. With this plan, you don’t need me to be there with you to get the same results

I wanted to make this available to everyone, not just the rich and famous.

I want to make this as affordable as possible so everybody can have the opportunity to use my program that you cannot get anywhere else. 


So right now, you can get the ‘Walking For Weight Loss’ program which will get you in shape and looking great for the low, low price of only $39.99 and that includes all $50 worth of bonuses.

Do you think that’s a fair price for transforming your body?

Owning Walking For Weight Loss really is really like having me right by your side guiding you every step of the way.

So why spend $2,160.00 when you can get the same theories, ideas and techniques for a fraction of the cost?

For less than the price of a couple of take out Pizza’s you get something so powerful that really could change your life forever.

Now is the Perfect Time to Get Your Body Back…

The Longer You Wait the More Difficult This Will Be

How long have you dreamed of looking at your reflection and loving what you see?

How long have you wanted to feel proud of your body, attractive and sexy?

How long have your low energy levels been stopping you from doing things?

How do you think you’ll look and feel in 12 months time if you take no action and do nothing?

Exactly the same way you feel right now!

So this is a perfect time for you to take control of your life and live it on your terms.

It’s a golden opportunity for you to start doing something positive, to decide yourself how you’re going to look and feel in the future!

My walking program not only offers you a quick and easy way to lose weight…

It’s also a chance for a new life and a new you.

100% RISK-FREE Money Back Guarantee!

But I understand if you’re hesitant or sceptical, in fact it’s perfectly normal and actually very commendable. And this is exactly why I’m giving you this Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee...

You have nothing to lose but body fat!

I really want you to be over the moon ecstatic with 'Walking For Weight Loss,' so let me remove any doubt from your mind..

Order today and follow my action plan and dietary advice for 60 days, and then if you are not jumping for joy in your new body, just request a refund and I will return 100% of your money immediately!

No Questions Asked!

And you can keep all the special bonuses (worth $50.00) as my way of saying "Thanks for trying it out!"

Just click on the 'Add to Cart' button below, follow the simple instructions and you can download the entire Walking For Weight Loss Plan and all the bonuses instantly.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you lose weight and tone up if you follow my advice.

Get Your Body Back!

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Walking For Weight Loss has helped hundreds of people to lose weight fast and it will work for you too, I guarantee it.

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You Pay Just $39.97

'Walking For Weight Loss' can be yours now for just $39.97 


Click the 'Add To Cart' button above and the secure order page will appear. Follow the easy instructions from there to download the Walking For Weight Loss Program and all the bonuses.

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