2 Things You Can Do To Boost Weight Loss Right Now…

2 Things You Can Do To Boost Weight Loss Right Now…

Losing weight is essentially very easy. 

  • If you eat and drink more calories than you burn off each day, then you’ll store those excess calories as body fat and you’ll gain weight.


  • If you burn off more calories than you eat and drink each day then you’ll use your own body fat as the fuel source to help make up for the shortfall of calories and you will lose weight.

That all sounds pretty simple right!

And it truly is in all but the most unusual of cases. The problem so many of face is that our lives get in the way and make it more complicated.

Things like stress, cravings, lack of organisation, lack of motivation, no time… to name but a few, are usually caused by something else going on in our life.

However it is essentially easy, but what makes it difficult is not being organised. If you don’t have a plan of action to follow, then it will be very difficult to get results.

Today’s tip could be one of the simplest of ideas that you’ve ever heard, but it could also be one of the most effective and make a real difference to your life, here it is…

Every morning when you wake up you’re going to take out a pen and notepad or make a note on your phone and write down 2 things that you’ll do which will help you to get the results you’re after. One will be a dietary task and the other an activity task. So if you want to lose weight for example, your 2 tasks might look something like this –

“Today I will not eat any biscuits at work or at home”

“Today I will walk at lunchtime very brisklyfor 40 minutes”

That evening before you go to bed, you’ll take out your notepad again and write down whether or not you managed to complete your tasks. If you didn’t, you’ll write down why you failed. If you did, give yourself a big tick, smiley face or just write down how good it feels to be making progress towards your goals.

It seems a simple idea, but it’s very effective for 2 reasons…

1. Firstly you’re getting yourself organised and planning in advance. This allows you to work around problems before they happen and to get alternatives in place. So for example if you know a certain day will be very wet and you just don’t fancy going for a walk, you could do a DVD at home instead.

2. Secondly you’re facing your problem directly by addressing it. Keeping what you want to achieve close to the front of your mind means you’re far more likely to keep pushing to achieve it. Keep the idea hidden away in the darkest part of your mind instead and I’m afraid that’s where it and your dreams will stay.