A Moment On The Lips

A Moment On The Lips

There's an old saying that goes something like this…

"A moment on the lips - a lifetime on the hips" and this is a very apt saying and in some ways is absolutely true. This article is all about what you eat and drink every day, sometimes without any consideration to the effects it can have on you.

You wouldn't put all kinds of liquids in to the petrol tank of your car would you?

No, you'd fill up on the right type of fuel. If you didn't do that it wouldn't work properly.

The difference with your car is that when you put too much fuel in, the pump automatically cuts out or it starts to pour back out of the tank… you get to a point when you can't get any more fuel in.

Unfortunately this isn't the same with your body. You can keep adding fuel to your tank (your fat stores) almost indefinitely, to whatever size you reach before something makes you react and take action.

Whatever you eat OR DRINK either gets used as energy for the activity and movement you do each day OR stored in fat cells all over your body. The more you eat, the more fat you will store unless you are particularly active.


"Everything you eat or drink each day gets used to give you energy for movement or the calories left over are stored as fat on your body."

Many of us eat when we simply aren't hungry… it's a certain time of day, or a particular event… to celebrate or to commiserate. We often eat when we don't need to.

Also a lot of people tend to snack late in to the evening and this is almost always unnecessary calories - empty calories which are stored as fat.

There are some things you can do to make sure you aren't storing more than you need. The first is to think before you eat.  Ask yourself - "Do I need to eat or drink this or am I doing so simply because I have a craving or am bored etc." Take a few moments before you eat or drink anything to think about whether you really need it.

Don't eat on impulse, it's never a good way to make eating decisions.

Another technique you could use is to set yourself a cut off time each day to stop eating. After this time each day you should only drink water or fruit and herbal teas etc.

One thing is for sure, if you don't consider what effects the things you eat and drink have both on the way you look and feel AND on your health, then you will start a long and painful battle with your weight.

Take action now and enjoy a much happier and healthier life.